Our Vision

Irvine’s Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is an integrated poultry operation and supplier of Cobb and H&N breeding stock, hatching eggs, broiler and layer day old chicks. Irvine’s Zimbabwe (Private) Limited also produces high quality table eggs and frozen chicken for both Zimbabwe and countries in the region. Irvine’s Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is committed to:

  • Creating value for shareholders, customers and employees.
  • Providing only premium quality poultry products to all customers.
  • Ensuring all processes are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • Compliance with all statutory legislation and local authority regulations.
  • Providing a safe and pleasant working environment for all employees.
  • To the provision of good housing, healthcare, schooling and recreational facilities for employees.
  • To become the most cost efficient producer in Zimbabwe.
  • To remain focussed on the Company’s mission a comprehensive food safety and management system incorporating all relevant safety and quality standards has been documented and canvassed amongst all stakeholders including employees.

Our Mission

Fostering friendship and family based quality nutrition

Our Core Values

These core values have made Irvine’s Zimbabwe invulnerable to environmental forces making us the largest integrated poultry company in Zimbabwe.

  • Quality

    Our brands are synonymous with quality and customers are very brand loyal and are willing to pay extra to obtain our products because our brands come with the Irvine’s promise of “guaranteed quality always”.

  • Community

    Irvine’s are very socially responsible. We support a number of orphanages, old people’s homes, the disabled as well as empowerment of people through our day old chick projects and training.

  • Safety

    Safety at work and accessible healthcare for all employees is of great importance to us. Food safety is also of paramount importance to us and a comprehensive food safety management system incorporating all relevant safety and quality standards has been documented and canvassed amongst all stakeholders including employees.

  • Service Excellence

    At Irvine’s we give only the best and we endeavour to achieve excellence each passing day.

  • Passion

    At Irvine’s we put the heart and mind in the work that we do so we get only the best results.

  • Integrity

    We act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth regarding our processes.

  • Innovation

    At Irvine’s we continuously come out with new creative ideas through new products and process innovation to create more value for our customers.

Board of Directors

David John Irvine

David John Irvine


David studied his BSc (Agric) at the University of Natal between 1965 and 1968. In 1969, David worked as a trainee at the Cobb Breeding Co, Chelmsford UK before moving back to Irvine’s Day Old Chicks to work alongside his father and founder, Mr William Irvine. David took over from his father as Managing Director in 1990 before assuming his role as Chief Executive Officer for Irvine’s Zimbabwe in 2009.

David has over 40 years vast experience in all aspects of poultry production and he has transformed Irvine’s into the largest poultry producer in Zimbabwe.

David is a Director for Irvine’s Botswana (Pvt) Ltd, Irvine’s Mozambique and Irvine’s Africa (Pvt) Ltd where he is involved in the production of day old chicks and hatching eggs sold the region.

David is Chairman of Irvine’s Day Old Chicks which owns subsidiaries such as Lanark Farms, a farming company engaged in production of cattle, maize and vegetables. David has travelled extensively to the USA, Europe and South Africa on business to update on developments in the poultry industry and to sell the company’s products.

Kevin David Parsons


Kevin is from a farming background, raised in Bulawayo and worked on family owned commercial farms in both Matabeleland and Mashonaland Provinces, Zimbabwe, where farming enterprises included mixed farming activities; commercial pig operation incorporating nucleus breeding herd, beef and game operation, arable maize and soya.

On leaving school Kevin studied for a BSc Agricultural Economics degree from the University of Natal where he graduated in 1988 to join the then Peter Thomas & Associates group as an Agricultural Economist.

In 1992 Kevin furthered his studies at Aberdeen University, Scotland and in 1992 qualified with an MSc Pig Production which was later followed by a distinction in Management Accounting and Finance from Varsity College, South Africa.

Kevin Parsons’ experience includes over 30 years of involvement in mainly intensive livestock operations, throughout Southern Africa. He was a Director of Colcom Foods Limited and CEO Triple C Pigs, Director Frey’s Food Brands (South Africa) and CEO Frey’s Agriculture and Director of Carswell Meats before being instrumental in the merger between Carswell and Montana Meats, which then became MC Meats.

Kevin joined Irvine’s Zimbabwe in November 2017 to oversee the Breeder, Hatchery, Broilers, Layers, Feed mill, Processing Plant, Quality Assurance and Veterinary Divisions of Irvine’s Zimbabwe.

Zita Matonda


Zita Matonda is a qualified Chartered Accountant and the holder of a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (Honours) degree from the National University of Science and Technology. She served her articles with Deloitte between 1998 and 2003 where she gained experience in auditing and audit management.

She has 13 years of financial experience over a wide range of industries including manufacturing, mining and milling. Zita is married to Toendepi and they have two children.

Craig Irvine


Craig, son of David Irvine, graduated from the University of Natal with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and specialized in Poultry Science (Honors). He spent three years working for Cobb in Europe and then with Tyson in the USA, before joining Irvine’s.

Since joining Irvine’s he has been responsible for growing the Africa export market. Craig brings with him vast technical experience in the poultry industry and leads the Irvine’s Zimbabwe technical team.


Lovemore Manatsa


Lovemore T. Manatsa (LT) joined BAT Zimbabwe as the Advertising Manager in 1995, following a 15-year long career in the airline industry. Since joining BATZim, he occupied various senior roles: Trade Marketing & Distribution Director, BAT Zimbabwe (2000/2003); Marketing Manager and subsequently Country Manager (2004/2007) at BAT Malawi and based in Blantyre. In mid – 2007 he was appointed Country Manager for BAT Zambia & Malawi and was based in Lusaka. LT was appointed Managing Director for BAT Zimbabwe in September 2008.

During the period 2005 and 2016, He sat on the Boards of BAT Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He took early retirement from BATZim in January 2016 but remained on the Board as a Non-Executive Director. In May 2016, he was appointed the Chairman of the BATZim Board.

In October 2016, LT joined Irvine’s Zimbabwe as the Executive Director responsible for the Sales and Marketing Function.

LT sits on the Board of Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe as the Non-Executive Chairman. He also sits on the Boards of the British Business Association of Zimbabwe, Hakuna Matata Properties (Pvt) Ltd, Litmas Enterprises Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd and Tour Africa Travel.

LT holds an International Press Institute Diploma in Journalism, a B COM (with specialisation in Marketing) from the University of South Africa and an MSc in Leadership & Change Management from the Leeds-Metropolitan University (UK).